Security Tokens
Trading Platform

Catch the New Wave of Investing!

The 5 Advantages
of Security Tokens

1. Invest with More Flexibility
Currently in the traditional security markets, investors are only able to purchase financial instruments using fiat currency. With our Security Tokens Trading Platform (STTP), investors can purchase security tokens with fiat as well as with cryptocurrency.

2. Improved Processes
In traditional markets, you rely on a number of entities: Security Issuer, Brokers, Transfer Agents, Registrars, Clearing Firms, Custodians. On our platform there are only 2 entities you have to trust: the issuer and the platform, thus any risks of data tampering and manipulation are also drastically reduced.

3. Trade When You Want
Our Security Token Trading Platform allows for an instant execution of trades. Any time, anywhere. With 24/7 customer support at your service.

4. Improved Settlement
Traditional securities take at least 2 business days to settle. Security tokens are built using blockchain technology that allows transactions to be executed in near-real time.

5. Programmable Compliance
With traditional securities, regulations can vary by asset type and buyer/seller/issuer jurisdictions, the same goes about security tokens. But the difference is that security tokens are programmable which means that legal compliance can be implemented right into the token.

Features of Tokenomica’s Security Tokens Trading Platform

Ecosystem: All in One Place. We created a single financial ecosystem that covers all the needs of companies of any scale and investors of any type by combining the best elements of blockchain and traditional financial markets to ensure compliance, access to a global liquid secondary market, remove barriers and existing friction.

Our Security Token Issuance Platform (STIP) is a single point of entry for all projects. All security tokens traded on our platform are issued on STIP and are fully compliant with security market regulations. The pertinent information relevant to the issuer is always available in their profile, that investors can easily check it at any time.

Integration with our Digital Assets Exchange allows investors to invest in security tokens not only with fiat assets but also with cryptocurrencies. This creates a new layer of liquidity which is not available to traditional capital markets.
Use of the blockchain technology allows a completely new brokerage systems which completely changes the way traditional securities are accounted and administered, reduces the overall costs on every stage and eliminates a set of intermediaries. This is what makes STIP a truly unique and disruptive product for the financial industry.

For investors

Execution and Transmission of Orders

Our clients can place and execute orders for security tokens at any time, without being limited by working hours of exchanges, custodians, clearing houses and other financial intermediaries.

Portfolio Management and Investment Advice

Investors can access our portfolio management services and receive investment advice via analytics and market research.

For projects


Projects can access our underwriting services to attract additional investors without going through a burdensome and costly process of listing their assets on traditional exchanges.


In addition to attracting investors and projects to our platform, we are able to participate in trading activities as a counterparty for deals with security tokens, provide loans and margin trading option to the investors.


Your Assets Are Safe & Secure

Assets are always available in your wallet, which you own, control and privately store. All that is made possible by Smart Accounts and Smart Assets, disruptive and unique features of the Waves blockchain.

Waves Smart Accounts

In order to comply with relevant regulatory requirements, investors’ accounts on Security Tokens Trading Platform (STTP) are created using the Smart Account feature on the Waves blockchain which allows outgoing transactions only to previously identified and approved users.

Smart Accounts ensure that any transaction made on the platform is conducted only between whitelisted users that have successfully completed AML/ KYC procedures and comply with an Investor Suitability Checks according to the ESMA Guidelines on Suitability Assessment Requirements.

Waves Smart Assets

Smart Assets are unique tokens (meaning that they contain a unique set of rules built into their code) that can be purchased, sold or exchanged as defined by the script, which validates every transaction within that asset.

Use of Smart Assets in Security Tokens Trading Platform (STTP) creates a new way for market participants to interact with each other by facilitating automated corporate governance, redemptions, periodical payments and other features. Blockchain makes it possible to process these actions in an automated, compliant and transparent way.

Available Q4 2019