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Security Token Offering Initial Public Offering Venture Capital Crowdinvesting Crowdinv.
Amount to Raise Open Fixed Open Open
Cross Border check Yes cross No cross No cross No
No. of Intermediaries ≥ 1 > 5 ≥ 1 - 3 ≥ 1
Onboarding Time 2 - 3
12 - 18
2 - 3
12 - 18
Programmable Compliance check Yes cross No cross No cross No
Secondary Market check Yes check Yes cross No cross No
Direct Expenses Low High High High
Trading 24/7 check Yes cross No cross No cross No

Create a Decentralized Company

Automate processes in your company. Stakeholders voting, investor relations, you name it, any process can be automated. For example, in the traditional system, stakeholders voting process is conducted once or twice a year. The reason for it is that voting has to be conducted at a certain time and place. While in the decentralized model, each stakeholder can take part in a voting process from anywhere. The issuer can conduct as many votes as needed. The stakeholders vote on the proposal. To perform any action, the majority of stakeholders needs to agree on doing so. The number of stakeholders required to reach an agreement is specified in its code. These decisions can be:

Change the CEO

Dividends payout

Annual report approval

Benefits of Our Platform

Ease of Use. Our Security Token Issuance Platform (STIP) is completely automated and simple. You won’t need any programming skills to launch an STO with Tokenomica. All you need is a browser, we will help you during every single step of the process.

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We will help you choose a financial instrument that is right for your company. Fill out a simple form, we will guide you through the rest. After that, we connect you with our network of experienced lawyers that will do all the paperwork based on your information. During this step, you negotiate the terms directly with them. You can skip this step if you want to do all the paperwork yourself.

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As soon as the instrument for the issue is chosen and your paperwork is ready, you can launch your STO company in two clicks. Book-building, KYC procedures for your investors, bookkeeping, token distribution, token offering statistics and reports are available in your account at any time.

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Once your paperwork is ready and the instrument for the issue is chosen, you can launch your STO company in two clicks. Bookbuilding, investors KYC, bookkeeping, token distribution, tokensale statistics are available in your account at any time.

Ecosystem: All in One Place
Most of the platforms don’t provide simultaneous issuance and exchange listing of your security tokens. At Tokenomica, you can trade your tokens on our Security Token Trading Platform as soon as they are distributed.

Reduced expenses
Your expenses are reduced to a minimum. The Security Token Issuance Platform on Tokenomica not only eliminates intermediaries involved in the processes of fundraising, issuance, exchange listing and trading, but also provides all the necessary tools for managing tokenised financial assets at the post-offering stage.

Based on the Waves Blockchain
Waves is the first blockchain platform that has found a way to make utility token creation easy for anyone. With Tokenomica, we want to take it even further by making security tokens issuance as easy as it can be. We achieve this by using Smart Assets technology that allows issuers to design a fully compliant digital asset that has attractive features for the investors built-in into the code.

Access to New Types of Investors
With security token offerings, you get access to a pool of investors that are familiar with the industry, who will be willing to invest in security tokens to support technology-based projects all over the world.