Fri Jun 21 2019

STIP Sandbox will be back up and running on June 26th

We are currently experiencing some technical issues on the STIP. To be exact, Waves Testnet block height was rolled back by 30.000 blocks due to the upcoming release of Smart contracts feature on the Mainnet.
Tue Jun 11 2019

Tokenomica Launches Sandbox for Security Tokens Issuance Platform

Tokenomica has launched a sandbox of its Security Tokens Issuance Platform (STIP) — a virtual testing environment where users are able to issue their security tokens and launch the very own security token offering (STO) on the Waves Testnet blockchain.
Tue Jun 11 2019

TrueUSD is Now Available for Trading

TrueUSD — one of the most traded and trusted US dollar backed stablecoins is now listed on the Digital Assets Exchange. New trading pair available on our exchange is BTC/TUSD. Learn more about TrueUSD:
Tue Apr 23 2019

Tokenomica’s Digital Assets Exchange is the First Insured DEX!

For immediate release - 23 April 2019 –Tokenomica’s Digital Assets Exchange is proud to announce  that it will be the first insured DEX on the market. Tokenomica Malta Limited, the operator of Tokenomica’s Digital Assets Exchange is now covered for professional indemnity insurance. “It is a great step for us!”, said Artem Tolkachev, Tokenomica’s Founder and CEO.  “Crypto market today lacks both regulation and legal responsibility. The insurance for our Digital Assets Exchange is an important st
Fri Apr 19 2019

Tokenomica Launches Digital Assets Exchange, Combining The Best Features of Both Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges

For immediate release - 19 April 2019 – Tokenomica has launched its new Digital Assets Exchange, which combines the best features of both centralized and decentralized exchanges, making it the first decentralized trading platform operating in a fully regulated environment. The product includes: decentralized execution and settlement; centralized client acceptance; centralized asset quality assurance and centralized custody of fiat; and hybrid custody of crypto assets. The  Digital Assets Excha
Mon Apr 01 2019

Tokenomica Partners with Blockpass For KYC Identity Verification

For immediate release - 1 April,  2019 – We are proud to announce our partnership with Blockpass. Blockpass is digital identity application and service which puts the user back in control of their personal data. Blockpass provides a streamlined and cost-effective user on-boarding process for regulated industries and any kind of online service. From the Blockpass Application, users can create, store, and manage, data-secure digital identity that can be used for an entire ecosystem of services or