Tokenomica was built with one purpose in mind:
To be the new wave of digital finance.
Tokenomica is a platform for issuing and trading security tokens which allows for an easy, seamless and legal way to invest with fiat and crypto. It was built with one purpose in mind: To be the new wave of digital finance.

We transform the way you see digital finance in two parts:

  • To help businesses of any size and sector find and raise capital
  • Help investors with the insights and investment solutions by providing them with confidence, next-gen technology and best in class resources they need in finding and investing in Quality of Assets (QoA).

Our vision is to build a financial platform that would allow users to invest in quality digital assets by using best elements of the existing traditional financial markets and innovative technology: regulated environment, investor protection, the most advanced distributed ledger technology and comprehensive quality assurance of clients and tradable assets.

Our goal is to make a breakthrough impact on the global financial landscape by providing best in class products and services. We are building Tokenomica to bring innovation and disrupt the current way of how digital finance works. Our aim is to make Tokenomica the world's first true Ecosystem for Security Token Offerings and trading.

At Tokenomica we combine the best of two worlds: the most advanced technology based on a decentralized exchange and the quality checks on clients and on the assets themselves which is achieved by compliance with regulation.

Tokenomica is a complete ecosystem of digital trading, variety of investment products, security token issuance platform, broker dealer and advisory services. We take pride in creating the right solution for our customers, and providing technical support, available 24/7/365. Whether you represent a pre-seed start-up or a large enterprise, we provide you with a customised, cutting-edge solutions to suit your specific needs.

Your Ecosystem

Digital Assets

Tokenomica will provide traditional and institutional investors as well as global crypto community and current Waves Platform users to exchange their assets in a fully regulated environment that is focused on the protection of the investors and the quality of assets.

Security Token
Issuance Platform

Our Security Token Offering (STO) platform is completely automated, simple and straightforward. You won’t need any programming skills to launch an STO with Tokenomica.

  • All you need is a browser.
  • We will guide you through every single step of the process.

Most of the platforms don’t provide simultaneous issuance and exchange listing of your security tokens. At Tokenomica, you can trade your tokens on our Security Token Trading Platform as soon as they are distributed.

Security Token
Trading Platform

A trading facility designed specifically for security tokens, financial instruments issued with the use of Security Token Issuance Platform. Assets are safely stored and available in your wallet, which you control, own and privately store, using Smart Accounts and Smart Assets technologies of the Waves blockchain.