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Tokenomica combines the best of traditional financial markets with disruptive technology. Create and trade digital assets with ease and confidence.

Tokenomica is an Ecosystem:
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Services We Provide

Digital Assets Exchange TDEX

First Regulated Decentralized Exchange. At Tokenomica we have combined the best features of both centralized and decentralized exchanges making the first regulated DEX which includes:
Decentralized on chain execution and settlement of orders.
Centralized client acceptance, asset quality assurance, custody of fiat.
Hybrid custody of crypto assets in your wallet, enterprise grade.

Security Tokens Issuance PlatformSTIP

Our Security Token Issuance Platform (STIP) is completely automated and user-friendly.
You won’t need any programming skills to launch an STO with Tokenomica. All you need is a browser, we will help you during every single step of the process from setting up a company to issuance of legally compliant instruments.

Security Tokens Trading PlatformSTTP

We’ve created a financial ecosystem that brings the best of blockchain and traditional financial markets by combining compliance, investor protection, brokerage and insured custody with simple, secure, transparent operations and access to global liquidity of the secondary market.

What’s In It For You

1. All In One Place.

Issue and list your security tokens all in one place and at the same time. Provide your investors with an instant access to a secondary market via our Security Token Trading Platform. Integration with our Digital Assets Exchange allows investors to invest in security tokens not only with fiat but also with cryptocurrencies.

2. Your Assets Are Safe & Secure.

Assets are always available in your wallet, which you own, control and privately store. All that is made possible by Smart Accounts and Smart Assets, disruptive and unique features of the  Waves blockchain.

3. Client Quality Assurance.

Accounts on Security Tokens Trading Platform (STTP) and Digital Assets Exchange (TDEX) are created using the Smart Account feature on the Waves blockchain which allows outgoing transactions only to previously identified and approved users.

4. Quality Approved Tokens Only.

Any token listed on the Digital Assets Exchange (TDEX) needs to adhere and be qualified as Virtual Financial Assets (VFAs) under applicable laws of Malta.

5. Improved Settlement.

Instant trade finality. At any time. No matter where you are and what day and time it is: trade will complete immediately. We offer 24/7 support.

6. Regulated Environment.

We operate a fully compliant ecosystem in accordance with all the necessary regulations that provides our users with confidence and protection against any uncertainty in this fast-moving space.

7. Invest with More Flexibility.

Trade Crypto-to-Crypto or Crypto-to-Fiat, it’s all up to you. Legal Fiat Gateways are available for your convenience and are compliant with all the regulatory requirements.

8. Lower Cost.

All the required steps and thus the expenses are reduced to a minimum. The Security Token Issuance Platform on Tokenomica not only eliminates intermediaries involved in the processes of fundraising, issuance, exchange listing and trading, but also provides all the necessary tools for managing tokenised financial assets at the post-offering stage.

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